First day in country…

We are here! We have finally arrived …welcome to Dubai.

Our last day in country was the perfect last day in the UK, we saw our families and were fed homemade cake and prosecco, I had a last-minute dash to get my extra passport photos required for my residency visa, and then our huge SUV arrived to collect us and our 8 suitcases!

We flew from LHR terminal 3 so after checking in at the private upper class desks we headed straight to the Virgin lounge for dinner and a head massage and before I knew it we were walking to the plane; I was asleep within minutes of the seat belt sign clicking off and my bed folding out. Five hours later I was woken by the cabin crew with my breakfast on a tray …what a perfect way to spend my descent into country to start our new lives.

My husband’s colleague collected us from the airport …I was not ready for the warm wind that swept by as we waited for the car to be loaded, it was HOT at only 8:30am! First look at our apartment was great; we are just off Sheik Zayed Road, a short distance from the Embassy and the Airport and about 20mins taxi ride to the Palm. The apartment is high – floor 29, and spacious with two large bedrooms and four bathrooms …yes FOUR! Our balcony looks out over the Port and is fairly quiet. We spent Sunday unpacking and trying to get our heads around being in our new home …feels like we are on holiday staying in an AirBnB apartment! My husband’s work had given us a cool bag of essentials …all the ingredients for an omelette, some bread, milk and juice which was so thoughtful and hugely appreciated.

On Monday we found the gym and the pool on the eleventh floor …I put Dan through his paces with a workout then we jumped into the pool which is a little puddle of heaven in the heat, we sat for a while feeling quite smug, and very happy we had finally arrived …this will be good. We were invited to our first Embassy dinner at the Palm for an Iftar dinner to break the fast during Ramadan, which was at a beautiful hotel where they had laid on an amazing feast for the guests. Maybe this posting lifestyle will be just what we always wanted…!

Tuesday was Dan’s first day at work, he left at 7am to meet a colleague in reception… this was it, the day I read about so many times, where your spouse leaves for work and the ‘honeymoon’ period is over …it certainly felt that way whilst I drank coffee and ironed work shirts. We are still without internet and in the last week of Ramadan so I cant go to a coffee shop for a drink and to use WiFi… instead I went to the gym for a workout which felt good, but tough without having a bottle of water. After I updated our finances sheet to see where we are and made myself a turkey sandwich with the remainder of the cool box food parcel …and now I wait. Dan wants to go to the pool after work so until then I’m drinking more coffee and watching an old series of New Girl (feels like a very lazy Saturday …and like I should be doing something!)

How do you spend you first few days in a new country?

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