Ah-ha! I think I am starting to get “it”…

Day 8 …what a weekend. It started on Friday. At the Apple store. Where an Apple-angel fixed my phone, my new UAE number flashed up and I was reconnected to the world! And what better way to celebrate than a trip to Ikea 😊 We took the metro for a long hot sticky ride to Festival City to take a wander round Ikea to get some ‘bits’ for the house to try to make it feel like home, at least until our things arrive in 8-10 weeks. We bought some candles, placemats, lampshades, soap dispensers and a fancy bowl for nibbles, amazing how £100 worth of inexpensive goodies can change a house! Feeling better but very hungry (we had been out for over 8 hours with no food or water due to Ramadan) we grabbed an Ikea frozen pizza and jumped in a taxi to stuff our famished faces and get ready for our Embassy welcome drinks.

It was dark by the time we arrived at the Embassy; dark, warm and dusty but was exactly as I had imagined, just like you would see in a film. We arrived at my husband’s boss’s house, inside was beautifully and expertly designed by his wife, their house is gorgeous and I’ll definitely be ‘stealing with pride’ some of their interior design ideas. We were welcomed in with open arms for cocktails and bubbles and a luxurious array of canapes …and yes, of course dessert was a tray of Ferrero Rocher! We were there until the early hours, finding out about everyone’s experiences and plans for their next postings and it felt good to be able to hear from other wives that the way I was feeling was similar to how they had on arrival, what a relief! A few reoccurring themes; this is our first posting but for everybody else they are on 5, 6, 7 some even more, they’ve done this again and again and they’ve all survived, on the plus side (for us anyway) nobody wants to leave Dubai for their next posting, they all seem to be very settled and enjoying it here.

Saturday rolled around, we headed to the gym and then got our swimmers on and went out to the pool to sunbathe and relax …and it suddenly dawned on me …this is it, this is why we are here! I spoke to my mum early in the morning and felt a pang oh homesickness then my husband asked a very obvious honest question of ‘what would you be doing if you were at home’ …truth is we would be just doing normal things, nothing too exciting, waiting to come to Dubai …well, we are here NOW. This is it. Yes, we will see our family and friends a little less but how fantastic when they come over to visit and we can bring them to the shimmering turquoise pool, already a daily occurrence for us.

For Saturday evening, we headed to the Marina for the first time since arriving to meet an old work friend of mine. We had cocktails at The Scene at Pier 7 followed by more cocktails at the Marriot, the views are simply breath-taking, but I think we are better living where we are – closer to the Embassy and away from too many tourists and high-rises! Sunday was another day of sunbathing, splashing about in the pool followed by a ‘duvet-day’ to watch the end of House of Cards (ooh Claire Underwood you make such an evil President, but I just love it). Today was when I started to get ‘it’. A posting (especially to somewhere like Dubai) is the weather of a summer holiday with a little bit of home sprinkled in, with your best friend! For the first time since we arrived my shoulders feel lower, my chest feels looser, my step a little sprightlier and smile a lot less forced.

For a creature of habit and routine like me, I’m not sure why I ever thought moving to a new country would be so easy; it’s not easy, it’s a rollercoaster, an adventure to embrace, there will be more tears along the way I’m sure, but for now I’m determined to embrace the changes …and definitely no more tears until I have found myself a new lash-lady!

When did you start to settle in?

Does a posting ever really feel like home?

Can anyone recommend a fantastic eyelash extension salon?

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